Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America, Albanian Archdiocese
9230 Old Bustletown ave, Philadelphia, PA 19115

Current Announcements


SS Peter & Paul Honorary and Memorial Gifts to the Pastoral Fund

Giving an honorary gift is the perfect way to recognize a friend or family member’s nameday, graduation, wedding, birthday, anniversary or other momentous celebration. You may also remember a friend or family member with a gift of well wishes and prayers.

Memorial gifts are an established tradition in the Orthodox faith. For each donation received, SS Peter and Paul will send your designated recipient a beautiful honorary greeting card in your name. Your honorary gift will show how much you care for family and friends or honor the memory of a loved one and comfort family and friends during their time of loss while continuing to support the future of our church.

Donations should be a minimum of $10. Please send all necessary information to Paulette Seffa, 220 Limestone Lane, Willow Grove, PA 19090.


Blank Icon Greeting Cards

Available year-round, these blank Icon Cards can be used for all occasions, including sending well wishes to our parishioners with surgeries, ailments, and illnesses.

Addresses can be provided for you.

Contact Donna Bacon at for cards and/or addresses.

Change your Energy Provider & Benefit SS Peter & Paul


By simply switching your electricity provider to Ambit Energy, you will be helping the church in two ways:

1. After the first 15 accounts switch over and the first month's bill of those accounts is paid, the church will become eligible for the electricity portion of the monthly electric bill to be FREE or deeply discounted.

2. The church will also receive a monthly check based on the number of accounts that have switched.

You will save up to three ways:
1. Save on your monthly electric bill (natural gas savings in some areas).

2. By referring at least 15 family and friends to switch their accounts, you will become eligible for the energy portion of your electric bill to be FREE or discounted month after month!

3. Receive a certificate for a FREE two-night stay at any of the three-star hotel in over 100 cities in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Your incumbent energy provider such as PECO or PSE&G will continue to bill you and maintain your wiring as usual.


• Go to with your energy bill.

• Click on "Rates and Plans".
• Select the plan of your choice.
• Fill out and submit the application.

• Make the confirmation call: 866-942-6248
• If you have any questions or need help, call Sophia Demas215-382-4222 or email her:

DISCLAIMER: Please note that SS Peter & Paul is in no way advocating this particular energy provider. Do your research and choose the company that best fits your needs.

Items Needed by Shelters

Food Items:  canned spaghetti, soup, chocolate chip granola bars, tuna fish, jelly, pasta noodles (angel hair, penne, etc.), spaghetti sauce, oatmeal.  Please make sure that items are not close to their expiration date.

Baby Items:  Enfamil (Premium), baby bottles, receiving blankets, pacifiers, wipes, size 5 diapers

Hygiene Items:  white t-shirts (small, medium), socks (boys’, girls’, any color), underwear (teens 18, 19, 20 years old)

Thank you for your continued Almsgiving!

Items Needed at SS Peter & Paul

-- Manischewitz Concord Grape Wine and Olive Oil for the Altar

-- Small and Large Paper Plates (please no styrofoam)

-- Large Paper Coffee Cups (please no styrofoam)

Coffee Hour

Please sponsor a Sunday coffee hour. The sign-up sheet is posted in the Church Hall upstairs by the kitchen. Thank you and bless you for your generosity!

Ancient Faith Radio

24 hour a day internet Orthodox radio station

Support St George Cathedral through Amazon

Go to the Cathedral website: and scroll down to “Shop Amazon” on the left side. Type in the product you wish to obtain.

When you click on that Amazon icon on the website and make a purchase, a portion of your purchase price will automatically be sent to the Cathedral. Thank you!