Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America, Albanian Archdiocese
9230 Old Bustletown ave, Philadelphia, PA 19115
From fr Gregory
from Fr Gregory

Dear Parishioners and friends,

   We have some good news!  Father Nicholas Dellerman will be assigned to Saints Peter and Paul as the first full-time pastor. ETA about the 1st week in December , 2015

   I have been the interim pastor since the beginning of the year when our beloved fr Stephen Sinari retired. I hear from him frequently and he and priftesi Margot are fine and enjoying Florida.

    I am officially 'attached" to Saints Peter and Paul since about 1994 when I retired from the Air Force Chaplaincy and will still be attached while fr. Nick is here. Both fr. Nick and I know that there can only be one pastor and , as of December 1, it will be him.  I stand ready to help as he requests.

  I am inviting you all to come join us and greet fr. Nicholas and his wife and family and also to become one with us in becoming real members of our parish.  You are definitely invited!


Yours in Christ Jesus


Gregory DuDash , Archpriest